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New Songbook, alphabetic order, growing every day....

Above and below (Capo 2nd.) (T.&.M.Kailash Kokopelli)
Am                   C         G
Above and below and all around you are (2x)
Dm                                      Am
You are the essence of all, the beauty of life
Dm                                            Am
You are the essence of all, the love of my life
              C                    G           Am
Sacred One, Source within and beyond
Abuelita Piedra (Capo 5th) (T.&M.Maria Valdivia)
Am                                         E                       Am
Abuelita Piedra las gracias te doy, las gracias te doy
Dm                 Am                E                   Am
por abrime el Corazon a la sanacion, abirme al amor
por abrime el Corazon, a la sanacion, abrime al amor
Beautiful soul (T.&M.Yopi)
Em          C            D        Em    Em             C           D          Em
I´ve got so much love to give, it needs to flow, it needs to live.
It needs to sing, it needs to shine. I want to share this love of mine (2x)
Em            D                     Em                          D                            Em
Beautiful soul, smiling at me. Reflecting my love, in your eyes I can see
that all that we are and all that I am: Born and reborn again and again
Brille petite luciole (T.&M. Yopi) (Capo 5)
Am              Em                   G                   Am
Brille petite luciole, montres-moi le chemin du coeur.
Am                  C                 G                    Am
avec toi qui me guide, dans la nuit je n´aurais pas peur
Brilla luciernaga, muestrame el camino,
el camino del amor, pa´quitarme el temor
Leuchte, kleiner Glühwurm, führ mich durch die Nacht,
ich hab Vertrauen in die Kraft, die über allen Wesen wacht
Haidakandhi (Capo 1st) (T.&M. unknown author)
     Am              Fmaj7             C      G                     //:
a) Om Namah Shivaya Namah Om Haidakandhi (2x)
Hare Hare Hare Hare Hare Hare Shankara (2x)
b) Om Namah Shivaya Guru Dev Satchit Ananda Murtayé
Namastasé Namastasé Namastasé Namoh Namah
Here we are once again (T.&M. unknown author, trad. Rainbowsong)
Dm                                        C             Dm
Here we are once again holding hands in a circle
mother Earth gives us birth, father sky brings us changes
face the sun, feel the power, face the moon, let it flow
Jay Ganesha (T.:trad., M.Yopi)
Em                          D                       C                            Em
Jay Ganesha Jay Jay Ganesha Jay Jay Ganesha Sharanam (2x)
G           D                    Em             C
Sharanam Sharanam Ganesha Sharanam (2x)
Jay Ma (T.&M. Yopi)
Em                         Hm                Em                              D
Your sweet love surrounds me, in your strength I have faith
Em                                   Hm                            C(D)             D(A)
would you lead me and guide me? It feels so warm in your grace
Em                D            A         Em                       D        Em
Jay Ma, Jay Ma, Jay Ma, Jay Ma. Jagadambé Jay Jay Ma
Em                         Hm            Em                    D
Deine Liebe umhüllt mich, aus ihr schöpf ich Mut.
Em                               Hm               C(D)             D(A)
Sie streichelt, erfüllt mich: Das tut so unglaublich gut!
Jay Jay Jay Gananayaka (Capo 2nd) (T.&M. unknown author)
Am                        G             Em                Am
Jay Jay Jay Gananayaka Jay Jay Vigna Vinasaka
Am                        G             Em                Am
He Subha Mangala Dhayaka, Vidya Buddhi Pradayaka
Gajavandana Gauri Nandana (2x)
F                                 Am
Gajavandana Gauri Nandana (2x)
Jai Ma (T.&M. Yopi)
Em                          Hm              Em                   D
Your sweet love surrounds me, in your strength I have faith
Em                               Hm           C (D)                  D(A)
would you lead me and guide me? It feels so warm in your grace!
Em          D         A       Em                     D     Em
Jai Ma, Jai Ma, Jai Ma, Jai Ma, Jagadambé Jai Jai Ma
Em                Hm              Em                 D
Deine Liebe umhüllt mich, aus ihr schöpf ich Mut
Em                 Hm              C(D)                    D (A)
sie streichelt, erfüllt mich: Das tut so unglaublich gut!
Jay Shri Ma, Kali Kali Ma (T.&M. Sangita)
G                               Am          Em
Jay Shri Ma, Kali Kali Ma, Jay Shri Ma (2x)
G                   D               Am            Em
Ananda Ma, Durga Devi Jagadambé Shri Ma (2x)
Music of silence (Capo 2nd) (T.&M.:unknown author)
G                Am       G                    Am
Music of silence, music beyond words
Dm                      G                               Am
children of the ocean, that´s what we are (2x)
Dm                          G                          C                       Am
Love is the most shining star in the inner sky of your being
Dm                            G                        Am
love is the most shining star inside you (2x)

Na Caxoeira (Capo 5)(T.&M. unknown author from Brazil)
Am                            C                      G                 E          Am
Na Caxoeira di Mamae Oxum Corre Agua cristallina nao tempo Pai Olorum (2x)
Dm                      Am                   E        Am
Mamae Oxum fez a Caxoeira, Pai Olorum Abencuo
Dm                              Am                        E                            Am
Eu vou pedir permisao a Oxala pra banhar na Caxoeira para todo mal levar
Shri Krishna Govinda (T.&M. unknown author)
 Em                            D               C                     Em
Shri Krishna Govinda Hare Murare Shri Krishna Govinda (2x)
 C     G                  D       Em
He Natanarayana Vasudeva (2x)
              C      (Em)
Shri Krishna (4x)
Om Asatoma Sat Gamaya (Capo 2nd) (T.&M. unknown)
Am G              Am            G                 F       G
Om  Asatoma Sat Gamaya Tamaso Ma Jyotir Gamaya
 Em                    Am
Mrityor Ma Amritam Gamaya
Om Namah Shivaya Gurudev (T.&M. unknown)
C                G          Am          Em               F
Om Namah Shivaya Gurudev, Satchit Ananda Murtayé
Namastasé Namastasé Namastasé Om Namah
Om Shanti (Capo 2nd) (T.&M.: unknown author)
Am                Dm         Am G
Om Shanti, Shanti Shanti
C                    G Am C                   G Am
Rama Rama Rama, Rama Rama Rama
Shivaya Parameshvaraya (T.&M. unknown author)
Am                                        Dm                              Am
Shivaya Parameshvaraya Chandra Shekaraya Namah Om (2x)
F                                     Am                      Dm                     Am C
Bhavaya Bhavaya Guna Sambhavaya Shiva Tandavaya Namah Om
           F                         Am
Shiva Tandavaya Namah Om

Shiva Shankara Mahadava (T.&M. unknown author)
C              G       C            G       C           Em
Shiva Shankara, Shiva Shankara, Shiva Shankara
          C Em         C Em     C Em        C Em       
Mahadeva Mahadeva Mahadeva Mahadeva